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  1. These restrictions are enforced very strictly at airports and sea ports and it is not very uncommon to see sniffer dogs trained to find these goods. (CNN)Australia's national day, held on January 26 every year, isn't all beer and barbeques. Ile many see it as a day to celebrate the Australian lifestyle.
  2. Even if you hire the car with a foreign card but settle the bill on return with a prepaid they often will not accept it, even with the other card as a backup. Most states have one or two additional state-wide holidays, with and having a day off for a horse race The Melbourne Cup and The Adelaide Cup. Marking Australia Day is like celebrating the Holocaust, a Melbourne politician said as her council scrapped a holiday it.
  3. Monica Tan; Australian Associated Press 12 May 2015. Australia Day is also one of three Stenders helmed efforts to reach local audiences in the past six months — including his canine sequel. Australia Day Four Mini Madness article at SPoT. Otos and video from day four in Australia. Skatepark of Tampa: A crusty little warehouse in Tampa, Florida with.

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